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Here at My Poster Art we believe in creating highly detailed works of art. The Artist, Julz(that's him doing his some artwork below), is a perfectionist who pushes the highest standards of quality. I believe you and your friends will be amazed at the level of detail they see. It will take a long time to discover ALL of the creatures,faces,skulls and eyes that hide among these surreal images.

I have been into art for as long as I can remember. I sketched for years just using colored felt tipped pens and pencils, smudging one over the other to get the desired effect. I didn't have much material to work with as a kid so I would make the most out of a single piece of paper. Being short on cash my mother made sure nothing went to waste. Eventually I was able to buy an airbrush and an air compressor. These enabled me to really focus on doing serious art.       

   About seven years later I was introduced to the high tech world of computers by my good friend Dene, who lent me a "vintage" Atari Mega ST4 desktop computer with some paint programs on it. I spent many hours getting to learn the basics. Some years and various low budget computer systems later I finally saved up for a brand new Apple G5 Series iMac. The computer is only used to add small elements to the painting if I feel it needs it. A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from my life's hardships. Often the paintings are a kind of outlet which I can use to vent anger in a constructive kind of way.

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Julz at work on 'Psychoville'

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